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Income & Fixed Interest Australian Quarterly Update

Our latest Australian Quarterly delves into the domestic housing market and the hot-button issue of negative gearing, together with an update on credit markets ...

The return of volatility

Vimal Gor outlines why his team believes volatility is likely to persist in the near term.

Confronting the Dragon

One defining feature of the Trump administration is the willingness, even enthusiasm, to confront the United States’ geopolitical rivals.

Have the global tech giants passed their peak?

The global technology giants have delivered great returns for investors in recent years. For those that missed out, is now the time to capitulate?

Caution prevails

As the USD dictates liquidity conditions in emerging markets, Samir Mehta takes stock and peers over the edge.

Economic brutality: Argentina and Brazil

A strong USD is but one of many challenges for Argentinians and Brazilians, highlighting once again the need to be selective at the country level.