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Santa says “conditions too toxic” for his annual rally

Recommended holiday reading: our annual review and outlook across major domestic and overseas markets.

EM: enticing valuations suggest a better year ahead

James Syme reviews the year and explains why we are very positive on the outlook for EM equities in 2019.

Following the trail of industrial robots

The Industrials sector offers many and varied investment opportunities. Read about our Industrials stock picks and developments in the world of robotics.

Quarterly video update: Is value developing in emerging markets?...

In this latest video, James Syme shares his thoughts on countries presenting good investment opportunities and reviews the Fund's recent performance.

Are we past peak globalisation?

US posturing towards China parallels that of ruling powers through the ages. What can history tell us in the age of globalisation?

Brazil, Mexico: case studies in country selection

Ahead of his Australian visit, James Syme digests how changes to the political order in Brazil and Mexico are influencing his team's investment thesis.