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Case studies: the role of currency in valuing EMs

Among a number of factors, currency valuations are a critical component of assessing opportunities in emerging market equities.

Sell the headlines, buy the story

How did investment markets perform for the 2017/18 financial year? Our portfolio managers share the real stories that divided leaders from the laggards.

Global research trip notes – finding upside in Lower Manhattan...

Interested in real estate investment with a difference? Paul Gyenge shares his insights into a well-established company in the US that maximises the development...

Macro-driven stock opportunities in Chinese oil

President Xi Jinping's crack down on corruption and malpractice has significantly effected large Chinese oil companies, with investment opportunities arising.

Income & Fixed Interest Australian Quarterly Update

Our Income & Fixed Interest team looks at the changing domestic economic landscape and highlights the importance of ESG considerations when investing.

Pressure mounts on EM bond proxies

Our process remains assertively top-down, but stock selection also remains a key part of the process, as can be seen in the recent performance of bond-proxies.