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Global equity investors need a new mindset for the 2020s

Ashley Pittard's presentation at Portfolio Construction Forum's 20/20 Strategies Conference delves into how investors can preserve and prosper in the 2020s.

Seeing the bigger picture on digital media stocks

Pendal’s Ashley Pittard shares his thoughts on being very selective when it comes to investing in digital media stocks.

Trade war trade-offs in EM

James Syme, portfolio manager of the Pendal Global Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund, talks trade wars and currency manipulation.

How Pendal’s investment manager saw opportunity among unlo...

"Amazon brings threats as well as opportunities if you know where to look" says Ashley Pittard. Find out which consumer products companies are continuing to gro...

A slowing cycle still draws opportunities

EM equities is a highly cyclical asset class, but the first half of 2019 has shown that a slowing cycle still creates great opportunities.

Putting Facebook through the paces

Our team has recently reviewed the thesis on Facebook. What has changed in the social media world and how has Facebook earned a place in our portfolio?