Market Insights and Education & Resources

Macro-driven stock opportunities in Chinese oil

President Xi Jinping's crack down on corruption and malpractice has significantly effected large Chinese oil companies, with investment opportunities arising.

Income & Fixed Interest Australian Quarterly Update

Our Income & Fixed Interest team looks at the changing domestic economic landscape and highlights the importance of ESG considerations when investing.

Pressure mounts on EM bond proxies

Our process remains assertively top-down, but stock selection also remains a key part of the process, as can be seen in the recent performance of bond-proxies.

Investing Responsibly: A case study on assessing credit risk

A timely insight into the value of integrating ESG considerations into credit analysis. This case study forms part of the broader research published by the PRI ...

A quick dinner in Manila

Samir Mehta tucks in for a fresh look at the fast food restaurant sector in the Philippines.

Italian turmoil: just one chapter of the bigger story

Recent moves in Italian bonds and high yield credit have captured headlines, but are part of this much larger story, which arguably has many more chapters ahead...

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