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Caution prevails

As the USD dictates liquidity conditions in emerging markets, Samir Mehta takes stock and peers over the edge.

Economic brutality: Argentina and Brazil

A strong USD is but one of many challenges for Argentinians and Brazilians, highlighting once again the need to be selective at the country level.

Donald Trump is fighting fire with fire

Vimal Gor peels back a few layers of the global trade playbook to provide some context to the seemingly treacherous path of US-China trade relations.

Resilience matters: 2 Minute Noodles spring back

Samir Mehta lifts the lid on Nestle India's challenges with its iconic Maggi brand - and his own challenges with lofty valuations.

Case studies: the role of currency in valuing EMs

Among a number of factors, currency valuations are a critical component of assessing opportunities in emerging market equities.

Sell the headlines, buy the story

How did investment markets perform for the 2017/18 financial year? Our portfolio managers share the real stories that divided leaders from the laggards.