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Putting Facebook through the paces

Our team has recently reviewed the thesis on Facebook. What has changed in the social media world and how has Facebook earned a place in our portfolio?

Australian Quarterly Update

Our Bond, Income & Defensive Strategies team's thoughts on the Australian economy, credit and cash markets and real-world benefits from responsible investing. ...

Understanding US-China tensions

Pendal Portfolio Manager Amy Xie Patrick assesses the key issues surrounding ongoing US-China tensions.

Asian governments with heart starters at the ready

Our long-planned trip to visit companies in China could not have been better timed. Samir Mehta provides his take on the changing global economic order.

Between Meetings podcast: Richard Brandweiner and Matt Heine

Richard Brandweiner, CEO of Pendal Australia, talks with netwealth's Matt Heine about industry opportunities and challenges.

Act like you own the joint

Does ownership of shares by a company’s senior leadership actually align interests and drive better results? In our experience, true alignment is something mo...