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The key factors driving global listed real estate investments

With global bond yields approaching their zero-bound, this is but one factor supporting listed property valuations globally. AEW explores this changing paradigm...

Australian Quarterly Update

Our Bond, Income & Defensive Strategies team's thoughts on the Australian economy, credit and cash markets and making an impact with real-world benefits.

Why we love stock exchanges

The banking sector may no longer be the defensive investor's place of refuge. Ashley Pittard shares his view on the alternatives.

Why ignorance is not bliss for financials

A famous Chinese philosopher said “Good thing no cheap; cheap thing no good”. US banks are now as cheap as their pre-GFC levels, should investors buy cheap?...

Ratcheting our holdings in China A shares

Samir Mehta provides his rationale for ratcheting up holdings in China, particularly the 'A' share market.

Someday, this war’s going to end

Currency valuation is a key part of our emerging market country selection process, so what are the currency impacts from the US-China trade war?