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Ratcheting our holdings in China A shares

Samir Mehta provides his rationale for ratcheting up holdings in China, particularly the 'A' share market.

Someday, this war’s going to end

Currency valuation is a key part of our emerging market country selection process, so what are the currency impacts from the US-China trade war?

Vimal’s View: Why Trump is on the road to success

Vimal Gor shares his thoughts on where the US economy is headed and hence, where to now for bond markets.

Pendal appoints Nick Good to head up J O Hambro in the US

Pendal has announced the appointment of Nick Good as US chief executive of the J O Hambro operations.

Global equity investors need a new mindset for the 2020s

Ashley Pittard's presentation at Portfolio Construction Forum's 20/20 Strategies Conference delves into how investors can preserve and prosper in the 2020s.

Seeing the bigger picture on digital media stocks

Pendal’s Ashley Pittard shares his thoughts on being very selective when it comes to investing in digital media stocks.