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Are we past peak globalisation?

US posturing towards China parallels that of ruling powers through the ages. What can history tell us in the age of globalisation?

Brazil, Mexico: case studies in country selection

Ahead of his Australian visit, James Syme digests how changes to the political order in Brazil and Mexico are influencing his team's investment thesis.

Residential property – what lies ahead?

Pendal Portfolio Manager Tim Hext looks at the underlying data and potential tax changes to draw conclusions on the prospects for residential property prices.

China’s biggest miscalculation was to underestimate Trump

Trump certainly wasn't kidding when he said "America First".

Income & Fixed Interest Australian Quarterly Update

Our latest Australian Quarterly delves into the domestic housing market and the hot-button issue of negative gearing, together with an update on credit markets ...

The return of volatility

Vimal Gor outlines why his team believes volatility is likely to persist in the near term.