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A touch of the Lemony Snicket’s*

It has been a challenging period, as evidenced by the performance of the Fund. Last year’s underperformance was more ‘explainable’ – the big cyclical rally combined with a couple of stocks that did not work for me on a relative basis. Yet I felt the outcome last year was in the range of expectations. This year to date has been just plain frustrating.

Income & Fixed Interest Newsletter – April 2018

Recent market events have shown the continuing knock-on effects of US monetary policy normalisation. The reduction in US Dollars available onshore in the US but more importantly offshore is currently claiming its next victims in emerging markets. This is after pushing US short term money market rates higher in March and will continue as US monetary policy normalises. Quantitative tightening is a big part of...

Company and fund name changes

BT Investment Management Limited has changed its company name to Pendal Group Limited. Since BTIM was listed in 2007, the business has transformed into an independent global investment management firm. In light of our growth and success, we believe now is the right time for our business to establish its own name and brand; one that reflects our independence, ownership and identity. The name Pendal has been chosen because of its link to the heritage and origins of the BT investment management business. Pendal was the name given to BT’s original nominee company, established in 1971 to hold assets on behalf of its first prospective client, the Dalgety Pension Fund.