BT Investment Management is now Pendal

A new chapter in a continuing story

Following approval from shareholders, BT Investment Management Limited (BTIM) changed its company name to Pendal Group Limited (Pendal) on 27 April 2018.

Since separately listing on the ASX in 2007, Pendal has grown substantially into an independent global investment management firm, focused on delivering superior investment returns for our clients through active management.

The BT brand is owned by Westpac and was licensed to BTIM, whilst Westpac also has its own BT branded business, BT Financial Group. Between 2015 and April 2018, Westpac reduced its shareholding in Pendal Group Limited from just over 60 per cent to around 10 per cent.

The Pendal Board believe that it was the right time for Pendal to establish its own name and brand, that reflects our success and independence, as well as providing clarity on our ownership. Having our own name allows us to build our own brand, based on delivering superior long-term investment returns from our clients with a performance culture that backs independent actions.

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Why Pendal?

Pendal was the name given to BT’s original nominee company, established in 1971 to hold assets on behalf of its first prospective client, the Dalgety Pension Fund. The name Pendal is a reversal of Dal(gety) Pen(sion).

We chose Pendal because it links our new name and brand to our heritage, with origins in BT’s original investment ethos some 45 years, Pendal launches our independent, investment-led future.

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What does a name change mean?

Pendal will continue to operate a multi-boutique style business offering a broad range of investment strategies globally. Whilst our name has changed, it remains business as usual with no changes to our operational platform, relationships or contractual arrangements. Importantly, our investment teams also remain the same, with no changes to their structure or investment approaches.

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To reflect the new name, we have updated the names of our funds, and the names of the responsible entity and the investment manager of these funds. We are working closely with our partners to reflect these new names through sales platforms, communications and investment operations.

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