Businesses who commit to sustainable practices can enjoy an uplift in long term profitability and access capital at lower cost.

We invest in companies that implement and display sustainable principles into their business strategies. Our investment specialists offer:

  • Sustainability strategies – adopting a ‘Best of Sector’ investment approach, we evaluate Australian companies based on environmental and social criteria as well as financial performance. These funds are suitable for investors seeking a low-risk, quantitative approach to portfolio construction.
  • Ethical strategies – investors can actively avoid or favour certain assets, aligning with their core beliefs and values. This capability draws our core Australian equity investment process with the addition of positive and negative screens based on sustainability criteria.

  Pendal engage and are an active shareholder in Regnan, who ensure we maintain high Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance standards.  

To find out how we can tailor a strategy to meet your needs, contact our sales team.