We engage and are an active shareholder in Regnan, who ensure we maintain high Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance standards.

Regnan represents institutional investors with the objective of driving and facilitating ESG practices in the companies in which they invest – further undertaking research and engaging companies on ESG issues.

Regnan’s research insights are applied to both our ESG product range and mainstream funds, as well as enabling us work with other institutional investors on a coordinated approach to market integrity.

Pendal considers this initiative important in our leadership of ESG principles in funds management and maintains board representation in Regnan.


Regnan’s key areas of focus

In the year to 30 June 2018, Regnan worked with 56 of the top 200 ASX listed companies, many of which were engaged several times in the sustained pursuit of positive change. Regnan held in-depth discussion with those charged with governance – more than 76 per cent were face-to-face meetings with board members.

Four key topics continue to be the most discussed:

  • Executive remuneration – alignment with strategy and circumstance and restraint in overall quantum
  • Effective disclosure – monitoring ESG issues and uptake of the integrated reporting framework
  • Human capital
  • Boards – diversity for ‘future-ready’ boards

Pleasingly, 85% of the active engagements during the year evidenced progress.