We offer global and regional equities capabilities across Developed and Emerging Markets.

On the global front our 100% ownership of J O Hambro Capital Management (JOHCM) provides access to a range of some of the world’s best performing and highest regarded Investment talent across various high conviction global and regional equities strategies, including Emerging Markets and Asian Equities. For international strategies where we have no internal expertise such as Global Property Core Global Equities and liquid alternatives, we partner with accomplished specialist fund managers such as AEW (Global Property) and AQR (Core Global Equities and Alternatives).  

J O Hambro Capital Management

J O Hambro Capital Management, 100% owned by Pendal, is a boutique investment management business with offices in London, Singapore, New York and Boston specialising in the active management of equities across the globe. JOHCM manages assets of $30.3bn as at 31 December 2014. Similar to Pendal, JOHCM’s success has been founded upon recruiting experienced fund managers with proven investment pedigrees. They are attracted by its entrepreneurial approach and lack of bureaucracy, the latter enabling them to focus solely on investing without the distractions that can arise at a larger company. With further parallels to Pendal, JOHCM’s fund managers have complete investment freedom – there is no ‘house’ view on economies, markets, sectors or stocks. This leads to a diversity of views and approaches across our investment professionals and insulates it from the dangers of ‘groupthink’. This intellectual latitude and the absence of bureaucratic practices associated with many larger fund management houses has led to extremely low turnover among its investment professionals. Each fund’s investment management process is tailored to its individual benchmark and goals. Value can be added through a combination of country allocation as well as individual stock selection. More information on JOHCM’s range of investment products can be accessed here.  

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