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Why bonds, why now?

Rate hikes

Bonds have been out of favour, but that’s changing as the pace of rate hikes slows.


Two important roles

Bonds play two important roles in portfolios: providing the ability to reduce the impact of market downturns and providing income.


Economic changes

It’s critical to consider bond duration as the economic picture changes.


Active manager help

That’s where an experienced, active manager can help.


Longer-dated bonds

It’s now time to consider longer-dated bonds, says Pendal’s head of bond strategies Tim Hext.


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Three conditions making bonds attractive in 2023

Yields have risen with higher rates, making bonds attractive again.


Inflation is falling and rate rises are slowing. Rates may even fall next year. It may be time to lock in longer-duration bonds.


The odds of a harder landing and potential recession have risen. Bonds can offer resilience and diversification in times of economic slowdown.


A deep dive into duration

Why do you keep hearing this term?


What is bond duration and why does it matter?

Remember, the price of a bond moves inversely to the level of interest rates. Higher rates mean bond prices fall. Lower rates mean bond prices rise.

Duration is the term for how significant this effect is – how much the price of a bond changes for a given change in interest rates. It is the most used measure of bond risk. The trick with understanding duration is to not just think that it refers to time. It’s more than that.

Duration is essentially a factor of three things — the bond’s time to maturity, its coupon and its yield.

Duration is measured in years.

  • The price of a bond with a 5-year duration will increase (decrease) in value by 5% if interest rates decrease (increase) by 1%
  • Long duration = bigger changes in price for a given change in rates
  • Short duration = smaller changes in price for a given change in rates
  • The longer the duration, the more sensitive a bond is to changes in interest rates


Our solutions

Pendal’s actively managed bond funds are designed to meet a broad range of investor needs, using duration to manage interest rate risk.


Traditional bond strategies

Income strategies with duration

Meet The Experts

Tim Hext

Head of Government Bond Strategies

Amy Xie Patrick

Head of Income Strategies

George Bishay

Head of Credit and Sustainable Strategies

Steve Campbell

Head of Cash Strategies

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Head of Distribution



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