Where are Pendal Group Limited’s ordinary shares listed?

Pendal Group Limited’s ordinary shares are listed only on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) under the code PDL.  

Where can I find information on the Pendal Group Limited share price?

See Pendal Group Limited’s ordinary share price (20 minutes delayed).  

Who is the share registry for Pendal Group Limited?

Link Market Services Limited is the share registry for Pendal Group Limited ordinary shares. For information about your shareholding contact the share registry, Link Market Services.  

Can I check my Pendal Group Limited shareholding on the internet?

You can view details about your Pendal Group Limited shareholding online via the share registry, Link Market Services. For your security, you will be asked to provide your Security holder Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN) (together with your surname and your postcode) all of which can be found on your holding statement.  

How do I change my name or address or other details?

If you have an Issuer Sponsored holding, instructions to change your personal holding record details are required by the share registry in writing. A printable version of the change of address form is available online from the share registry, Link Market Services. If you have a Broker Sponsored holding, you must notify your sponsoring broker in writing of your change of address.  

How do I buy or sell Pendal Group Limited ordinary shares?

Pendal Group Limited’s ordinary shares may be bought or sold through a stockbroker. If you do not have a stockbroker, you can visit the Australian Stock Exchange website which contains information on how to choose a stockbroker.  

Dividends and capital return

Does Pendal Group Limited pay dividends on ordinary shares?

Pendal Group Limited will pay dividends on its ordinary shares twice a year. Payment of dividends is subject to Board approval and the details of the amount of any dividend are announced with the half year and full year results.  

When will I receive the next dividend?

Dates relating to the announcement of financial results and the payment of dividends are set out.  

How is the dividend paid?

Pendal Group Limited only pays ordinary share dividends by direct credit. Payment by direct credit is the most cost effecient, sustainable and secure payment method. The cost savings benefit all shareholders. To avoid any delay in receiving your dividend payments, please ensure that you have advised our share registry, Link Market Services of the details of your Australian or New Zealand bank account.  

Who should I contact if I have not received my dividend cheque?

The share registry, Link Market Services, can confirm payment details or, where appropriate, make arrangements for payment.  

Does Pendal Group Limited have a Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRP)?

In 2012 the Board announced the activation of Pendal Group Limited’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP). The DRP allows eligible shareholders to have all or a part of their dividends automatically reinvested in additional Pendal shares, with no commissions or brokerage payable on shares acquired through the DRP. Shares allocated under the DRP will be issued at no discount to the allocation price at the time of purchase. A copy of the DRP Rules can be viewed here. For further information on Pendal’s DRP, or to submit an application to participate in the DRP, please contact Link Market Services.  

What is Pendal Group Limited’s dividend policy and capital return policy?

In accordance with the prospectus issued on 30 October 2007, Pendal Group Limited will seek to distribute approximately 80-90% of Cash Net Profit after Tax (Cash NPAT) by means of dividends and, where this is not possible due to the difference between Cash and Statutory NPAT, by means of capital return. Any capital return will be subject to approvals and their distribution is therefore not guaranteed.  

Financial Information

When will Pendal Group Limited report the next set of financial results?

Pendal Group Limited will report twice a year with results announcements covering the half year to 31 March and the full year to 30 September. The Annual Report will be produced in November each year covering the full year to 30 September.  

Can I receive the Pendal Group Limited annual report electronically?

Yes, you can register to receive electronic communications, including the annual report, by visiting the share registry, Link Market Services.  

How can I receive a hard copy of Pendal Group Limited’s annual report?

You can download and print a copy of the Pendal Group Limited annual report. Pendal Group Limited ordinary shareholders who wish to receive a hard copy annual report each year can do so by changing your preferences with share registry, Link Market Services.  


Does Pendal Group Limited provide shareholder benefits?

Pendal Group Limited does not currently offer any shareholder benefits.  

Still can’t find the information you need?

If you have a query relating to your shareholding or dividends, please contact the share registry, Link Market Services.   Contact us for any queries about Pendal Group Limited products or services.