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Investment Giving

| Pendal Sustainable Balanced Fund – Class G
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Pendal Sustainable Balanced Fund – Class G

Investment Giving

Pendal Sustainable Balanced Fund – Class G through Investment Giving enables investors to support charities and invest sustainably.

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What is Investment Giving?

Investment Giving Australia is an independent not-for-profit organisation with the mission to maximise the impact of charities and their supporters by enabling new forms of investment-based philanthropy. The Investment Giving model is a philanthropic investment approach that provides a sustainable and efficient form of repeat income for charities.

Invest in a sustainable diversified fund and support a charity.

The Pendal Sustainable Balanced Fund invests across a range of sustainable and ethically screened assets and seeks to promote a positive impact.

The Giving Class allows investors to nominate a charity to receive the distributions from their investment in the Pendal Sustainable Balanced Fund.

Investors retain ownership and control of the investment and the charity receives the distributions.

Fund information

Pendal Sustainable Balanced Fund – Class G

Entry Price $0.8651
Exit Price $0.8627
27.09.2023 History
Fund objective

The Fund aims to provide a return (before fees, and expenses) that exceeds the Fund’s benchmark over the medium to long term.

Distribution (CPU) 1.136
Distribution Frequency


Distribution History View history
Minimum investment


Management fee

0.40% p.a. Other fees and costs also apply – please refer to the PDS or ‘Fees and costs’ flyer for more information.

Buy sell spread

0.28% (0.14%/0.14%)


An investment fund is subject to a number of risks. For a detailed description of these risks please refer to the PDS.

Monthly fact sheets


PDS Additional Information


Target Market Determination


Asset allocation neutral positions document


Benchmark document


Latest Annual Report Download
As at 31/08/23 1m 3m 1yr 3yr (p.a) 5yr (p.a) % since inception 3 February 2022
Total return After fees -0.20 2.19 6.36 - - 0.34
Distribution 0.00 1.30 1.92 - - 7.31
Growth -0.20 0.89 4.45 - - -6.97
Total return (Before fees and tax) -0.17 2.30 6.79 - - 0.74
Benchmark: Pendal Sustainable Balanced Fund Benchmark -0.04 3.86 10.30 - - 2.34

Source of fund performance data: Pendal. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. This information is for general information and is not to be regarded as a securities recommendation. Where performance returns are quoted “After fees” then this assumes reinvestment of distributions and is calculated using exit prices which take into account management costs but not tax you may pay as an investor. Where “Growth” returns are shown, these represent the percentage change in the value of units in the fund excluding any distributions paid. “Distribution” returns equal the difference between the “Total return (After fees)”, and the Growth return. Where performance returns are quoted “After fees and tax”, they are calculated using exit prices which take into account management costs and taxes paid within the trust up to a maximum of 15%. Where performance returns are quoted “Before fees and tax”, they exclude the effects of management costs and any taxes. You can view our Unit Pricing Discretions Policy here.

Lee Hopperton

Head of High Net Worth Distribution



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