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How inflation and rates expectations are affecting Emerging Mark...

A monthly insight from James Syme and Paul Wimborne managers of Pendal s Global Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund WE continued to see high inflation prints ac...

Income and Fixed Interest weekly wrap with Amy Xie Patrick

GLOBAL fixed income markets have been marching to a common theme lately. Inflation data have been on an upward trend and there seems to be consensus that inflat...

Re-classification of Units

Pendal Sustainable Australian Fixed Interest Fund Class R APIR BTA0507AU ARSN 612 664 730 On 25 November 2021 the existing units of the Pendal Sustainable Austr...

The surprising forces driving the renewables boom

Economics rather than environmentalism can explain much of the global renewables boom says Regnan s head of research Alison George. Pollution consumer preferenc...

Education & Product Information

We offer a range of investment options that vary according to investors’ needs, time frames and risk appetite. To help investors explore these options, our experts produce magazines, videos and brochures which focus on building understanding of markets – and explaining how many of our investment strategies and products work.

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We share insights straight from our analysts and portfolio managers, with content ranging from regular blogs through to monthly analysis of market trends and an exploration of macroeconomic themes in our quarterly Better Investor magazine.

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