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Ratcheting our holdings in China A shares

Ratchet a device consisting of a bar or wheel with a set of angled teeth in which a pawl cog or tooth engages allowing motion in one direction only a situation ...

Fund Manager Commentary – August 2019

Fund Manager commentary for the month ended 31 August 2019 covering market reviews, Pendal fund performance and our outlook for the period ahead.[newsletter_li...

Someday, this war’s going to end

We assess and score every country in the emerging markets index on a 5-point framework growth liquidity and monetary environment currency politics and governanc...

Vimal’s View: Why Trump is on the road to success

With just over 12 months to go before the Americans return to the polling booths Pendal Head of Bond Income amp Defensive Strategies Vimal Gor published his tho...

Education & Product Information

We offer a range of investment options that vary according to investors’ needs, time frames and risk appetite. To help investors explore these options, our experts produce magazines, videos and brochures which focus on building understanding of markets – and explaining how many of our investment strategies and products work.

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We share insights straight from our analysts and portfolio managers, with content ranging from regular blogs through to monthly analysis of market trends and an exploration of macroeconomic themes in our quarterly Better Investor magazine.

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