Pendal evolves multi-asset fund to be more socially responsible

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PENDAL is placing higher importance on sustainability factors in its Multi-Asset Target Return Fund amid growing need for liquid sustainable alternative assets in balanced portfolios.

Watch a short video above to hear our Head of Multi-Asset Michael Blayney explain the move.


PENDAL is increasing consideration of sustainability factors within the existing investment process of its Multi-Asset Target Return Fund, in response to the growing need for liquid sustainable alternative assets in balanced portfolios.

Pendal’s Multi-Asset team collaborated with Regnan — Pendal’s in-house ESG research, advisory, and engagement firm — to examine the impact of a stronger focus on sustainability and ESG on risk-adjusted returns.

The research project was led by industry veteran Michael Blayney, who heads up Pendal’s Multi-Asset investment team.

“This is a first for a real return multi-asset fund in Australia and provides investors with more diverse options that factor in social and environmental outcomes over long term time horizons,” Mr Blayney said.

The fund aims to provide a return of 5 per cent per annum above the Australian Consumer Price Index (gross of fees and tax) over rolling five-year periods. There will be no change to this objective, or to the existing fee structure for clients.

The fund will continue to generate returns and reduce risk by blending a highly active asset allocation process with both active security selection and top-down relative value strategies. A greater focus on ESG and sustainability will underpin these sources of return.

A powerful combination of changes in consumer behaviour, stakeholder expectations, and regulatory intervention, we believe, will significantly influence earnings and asset prices across all asset classes in the next decade and beyond.

Of course, we have already seen ample research that shows the outperformance of stocks with stronger ESG credentials.

A landmark Oxford University research report identified a positive correlation between sustainability and good financial performance in 80 per cent of studies analysed.

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“Our analysis found that negatively screened companies are in sectors more susceptible to adverse regulatory changes or the loss of a social licence to operate,” Mr Blayney said.

“Furthermore, we will favour sustainable implementation with positive impacts where possible.”

Sustainable investing has become the fastest-growing part of the investment management industry.

Pendal has offered sustainable diversified funds via its Sustainable Conservative and Sustainable Balanced Funds launched by the Bankers Trust group in 1984 as the BT Australia Charities Trust.

Since then we have continued to enhance our consideration of ESG issues, in both fundamental analysis as well as specific strategies.

“We see this type of fund transformation part of the new way of investing where you can target positive returns plus achieve better outcomes for society,” said Richard Brandweiner, CEO of Pendal Australia.


Michael Blayney leads Pendal’s Multi-Asset team.

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