Richard Brandweiner

Chief Executive Officer, Australia

Richard Brandweiner: Why we’re seeing big demand for responsible investing

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Our Pendal’s Chief Executive Officer, Australia, Richard Brandweiner discusses why the way we invest can make a big difference to the world around us.

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My name is Richard Brandweiner, and I’m the Chief Executive of Pendal in Australia.

These are very challenging times, but they remind us of just how interconnected our world is, how our economy and our financial markets are intrinsically linked to our human ecosystem.

Also how important it is, the decisions that we make, and how we treat other people, what the ramifications are. That’s perfectly true with our capital and our wealth as well.

The way we invest can make a big difference to the world around us and importantly the world into which we, or our children, are going to retire.

And that’s one of the reasons why we’re seeing such extraordinary growth in sustainable and ethical investing.

Consumers are increasingly demanding different things from their service providers. It’s no longer just about what product or service you provide, it’s also important how you go about it.

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Impact investing, in particular sustainable and ethical investing, has become the fastest-growing part of the investment management industry.

Pendal has been in this space for a long time. We launched our first ethical fund back in 1984 and more recently we fully acquired a business that we helped establish called Regnan.

It’s one of the leading institutional providers of ESG research, engagement services, and advisory work.

We’re very keen to support you in the journey towards an increasingly sustainable capital system and towards empowering your clients to invest in positive ways that make them proud, together with growing their wealth and their family’s wealth.

Thank you.

Pendal is an independent, global investment management business focused on delivering superior investment returns for our clients through active management.

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Regnan is a global leader in long-term value, systemic risk analysis and responsible investment advice. Last year Pendal appointed a London-based impact investment team to launch a Global Equity Impact strategy in late 2020.

Regnan is wholly owned by Pendal Group.

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