Regnan joins Future-Fit Development Council

Regnan's head of advisory, Susheela Peres da Costa


RESPONSIBLE investment leader Regnan has been appointed to the Future-Fit Development Council, a network of companies and investors working to establish a global business benchmark for sustainability.

UK-based Future-Fit has developed a free self-assessment tool – the Future-Fit Business Benchmark – which any business can use to report its contribution to real-world progress in environmental and social issues.

Regnan will help Future-Fit accelerate its work with the global investment community. 

“Regnan is well recognised for its rigour in analysing the impact of sustainability issues on companies,” said Regnan’s head of advisory Susheela Peres da Costa (pictured above).

“We are delighted to have found in Future-Fit a partner committed to advancing an equally systematic approach to the impact companies have beyond their boundaries.”

Regnan works to improve sustainable performance by addressing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.

The advisory — which is part of Pendal Group — recently appointed a London-based impact investment team to launch the Regnan Global Equity Impact Solutions strategy in late 2020.

The future of ESG integration and engagement 

Future-Fit co-founder Martin Rich said he was “delighted to embark on this partnership with Regnan, a true global leader in the responsible investment market.

“Regnan’s commitment to embed the Future-Fit Business Benchmark into the heart of the new Global Equity Impact fund is incredibly powerful in showing how investors can take a holistic approach to evaluating and encouraging responsible and sustainable business.”

The Future-Fit Business Benchmark translates systems science into practical, free-to-use tools designed to help business leaders, investors and policy makers respond effectively to the world’s biggest challenges.

Future-Fit’s members work closely to stress-test and co-evolve the benchmark to be as useful and usable as possible for businesses of any size and sector.

The UK-based charity’s mission is to establish “a society that protects the possibility that humans and other life can flourish on Earth forever”.

Find out more about Future-Fit here.


Regnan is a global leader in long-term value, systemic risk analysis and responsible investment advice.

Last year Regnan appointed a London-based impact investment team to launch a Global Equity Impact strategy in late 2020.

Regnan recently co-authored a paper with the Principles for Responsible Investment, Active Ownership 2.0, which sets a new benchmark for responsible stewardship. Regnan is wholly owned by Pendal Group.