Pendal supports Australian bushfire crisis

Rural Fire Service trucks in Buxton, NSW, December 2019. Source: Shutterstock


The Australian bushfire crisis has prompted an unprecedented response from everyday Australians offering help to those affected.

Pendal is supporting these efforts with a program to match employee donations for bushfire relief and recovery.

We are matching 1:1 staff donations to registered charities assisting with bushfire relief and recovery up to a total of $200,000. 

As a global initiative this includes staff at our UK-based subsidiary J O Hambro Capital Management.

Pendal is providing additional paid leave for Australian employees directly affected by the bushfires or involved in recognised voluntary emergency services. 

We are also providing Australian employees with five days of paid volunteer leave for the purpose of helping with bushfire related volunteer work.

Counselling services for employees are also available.

Pendal offers our thanks and acknowledgement to volunteers helping to fight fires and support recovery efforts across Australia.