Notice of Managed Investment Scheme Exit Statement Election

BT Investment Management (Fund Services) Limited ABN 13 161 249 332, AFSL 431426 (BTIM) makes the following irrevocable election, with effect from 1 July 2017, for the funds listed in this notice that a period of one month will be the maximum period (elected period) for providing a periodic report being an exit statement (periodic report) when a person ceases to hold a managed investment product as required by the provisions set out in the Schedule (see below). BTIM acknowledges that the periodic report must be provided as soon as practicable and in any case within the elected period.

The Schedule

The Corporations Act and Corporations Regulations 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Regulations) and in particular to comply with Schedule 10 of the Corporations Regulations as amended by Class Order 14/1252, ASIC Corporations (Amendment and Repeal) Instrument 2015/876 (ASIC Instrument 2015/876), ASIC Corporations (Amendment) Instrument 2016/1224 (ASIC Instrument 2016/1224), ASIC Corporations (Amendment) Instrument 2017/065 (ASIC Instrument 2017/065) and any subsequent ASIC Instrument amending any of those items in a manner intended or designed to give effect to the irrevocable election referred to in this document.

Funds for which this election is made:

BT Balanced Equity Income Fund (ARSN 159 947 270)

BT Concentrated Global Share Fund (ARSN 613 608 085)

BT Defensive Equity Income Fund (ARSN 159 947 298)

BT Diversified Global Equity Fund (ARSN 134 214 618)

BT Dynamic Global Equity Fund (ARSN 140 921 311)

BT Global Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund – Wholesale (ARSN 159 605 811)

BT Pure Alpha Fixed Income Fund (ARSN 161 859 936)

BT Sustainable Conservative Fund (ARSN 090 651 924)

BT Wholesale Active Balanced Fund (ARSN 088 251 496)

BT Wholesale American Share Fund (ARSN 087 594 509)

BT Wholesale Asian Share Fund (ARSN 087 593 468)

BT Wholesale Australian Long/Short Fund (ARSN 121 948 810)

BT Wholesale Australian Share Fund (ARSN 087 593 191)

BT Wholesale Australian Sustainable Share Fund (ARSN 097 661 857)

BT Wholesale Balanced Returns Fund (ARSN 087 593 011)

BT Wholesale Conservative Outlook Fund (ARSN 087 593 100)

BT Wholesale Core Australian Share Fund (ARSN 089 935 964)

BT Wholesale Core Global Share Fund (ARSN 089 938 492)

BT Wholesale Core Hedged Global Share Fund (ARSN 098 376 151)

BT Wholesale Enhanced Cash Fund (ARSN 088 863 469)

BT Wholesale Enhanced Credit Fund (ARSN 089 937 815)

BT Wholesale Ethical Share Fund (ARSN 096 328 219)

BT Wholesale European Share Fund (ARSN 087 594 429)

BT Wholesale Fixed Interest Fund (ARSN 089 939 542)

BT Wholesale Focus Australian Share Fund (ARSN 113 232 812)

BT Wholesale Future Goals Fund (ARSN 087 593 682)

BT Wholesale Geared Imputation Fund (ARSN 102 970 089)

BT Wholesale Global Fixed Interest Fund (ARSN 099 567 558)

BT Wholesale Global Property Securities Fund (ARSN 108 227 005)

BT Wholesale High Growth Fund (ARSN 610 997 674)

BT Wholesale Imputation Fund (ARSN 089 614 693)

BT Wholesale International Share Fund (ARSN 087 593 299)

BT Wholesale Japanese Share Fund (ARSN 090 666 621)

BT Wholesale Managed Cash Fund (ARSN 088 832 491)

BT Wholesale MicroCap Opportunities Fund (ARSN 118 585 354)

BT Wholesale MidCap Fund (ARSN 130 466 581)

BT Wholesale Moderate Fund (ARSN 610 997 709)

BT Wholesale Monthly Income Plus Fund (ARSN 137 707 996)

BT Wholesale Property Investment Fund (ARSN 089 939 819)

BT Wholesale Property Securities Fund (ARSN 087 593 584)

BT Wholesale Smaller Companies Fund (ARSN 089 939 328)

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