Crispin Murray

Head of Equities

Enduring excellence in Australian equities

A track record of stability and performance in Australian equities

Our Australian Equities boutique is one of the largest, most experienced and stable in the industry. We apply proprietary, fundamental research at the company level to gather insights and inform investment decisions with the aim of generating excess returns for our clients.

A proven structure delivering results

An independent business, solely focused on investment management, we have operated a boutique model since listing on the ASX ten years ago, where investment team members have ‘skin in the game’ through a fair and transparent profit share model, driving alignment with client interests, accountability and talent retention.

The success of this model is seen in our long term team stability and a performance track record above the industry peer average1 and above benchmark2 across a range of portfolios.

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1 Peer rankings are determined by Pendal using Morningstar’s universe of Equity Australia Large Blend, Equity Australia Large Growth, Equity Australia Large Value, Equity Australia Mid/Small Blend, Equity Australia Mid/Small Growth and Equity Australia Mid/Small Value funds. See here for more details.

2 Performance net of fees, before taxes versus relevant Fund benchmark. We have more information on fund benchmarks and fund performance.




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