Company and fund name changes

Company and fund name changes

BT Investment Management Limited (BTIM) has changed its company name to Pendal Group Limited.

Since BTIM was listed in 2007, the business has transformed into an independent global investment management firm. In light of our growth and success, we believe now is the right time for our business to establish its own name and brand; one that reflects our independence, ownership and identity.

The name Pendal has been chosen because of its link to the heritage and origins of the BT investment management business. Pendal was the name given to BT’s original nominee company, established in 1971 to hold assets on behalf of its first prospective client, the Dalgety Pension Fund. 

Pendal preserves the strengths, values and culture of our business whilst moving forward as an independent, successful, international investment management company.

What does this mean for investors?

While we have changed our company name, it will be business as usual with no change to our investment management approach or the operations of the company. As Pendal, we will continue our focus on delivering superior investment returns for clients through active management.

To reflect our new brand, we have updated the names of our funds. Please click here to view a list of our funds’ new names.  

The responsible entity and investment manager have also changed their names, as follows:

Previous Name New Name
BT Investment Management (Fund Services) Limited Pendal Fund Services Limited
BT Investment Management (Institutional) Limited Pendal Institutional Limited

We have updated our fund product disclosure statements, application forms and website to reflect the Pendal name, with changes to some of our other systems and documents to be implemented over time.

For more information, If you have any questions about our new company and fund names, please contact us on 1800 813 886 (for Australian investors) or +612 9155 4051 (for overseas investors) from Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 5:30pm (Sydney time).