Change of Fund Name

Pendal Horizon Fund (APIR: RFA0025AU, ARSN: 096 328 219)

With effect from 15 March 2021, the “Pendal Ethical Share Fund” will be renamed the “Pendal Horizon Fund” (Fund).

The change of name will more accurately reflect the investment framework and responsible investment priorities of the Fund which extend beyond just ethical screens being applied.

The investment processes of the Fund (including new and tighter screens and a framework that places a greater focus on selecting stocks and industries that meet our investment criteria, responsible investment priorities and philosophy) were implemented in October 2020.

The responsible investment priorities of the Fund centre on a future-ready Australia, by participating in and supporting the transition to a more sustainable economy.

There will be no changes to the investment strategy, objective or distribution frequency of the Fund.

An updated Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) will be issued on 15 March 2021 and made available on

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