2017 Investment Forum wrap-up

At our recent series of Investment Forums our investment leaders including Crispin Murray, Vimal Gor and Ashley Pittard set out why it has never been more important to defend and grow clients’ portfolios through deep research and active management, and to partner with investment managers who truly understand risk and take every opportunity to add value and build wealth.


In global equities, we believe the next five years will be different to the last five years

The BT Concentrated Global Share Fund is a contrarian, high conviction portfolio of the best companies from the best industries, world wide. We identify what we consider to be the highest quality companies in select industries, look for significant divergence between market value and intrinsic value – and invest with conviction. Read more about our approach.





In a tough environment there are still opportunities in Australian equities

We are seeing unprecedented change in industry dynamics and understanding how companies respond is critical for investors. In this visual education tool, we set out our proprietary, fundamental research process including the five factors that we believe help identify potential changes in earnings outcomes.







Not all fixed interest investments are created equal.

Australia faces structural challenges and risks are material. We aim to be the most defensive fixed income manager in Australia and structure portfolios using quality assets with a low correlation to equities. We show you what to look for in fixed income, explain our investment process and provide a fund snapshot.



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