BT Investment Management is now Pendal

Company and Fund Name Changes

Following approval from shareholders, BT Investment Management Limited (BTIM) changed its company name to Pendal Group Limited (Pendal) on 27 April 2018.

To reflect our new name, we have updated the names of our funds, and the names of the responsible entity and the investment manager of these funds.

What does this name change mean?

Whilst our name has changed, it remains business as usual with no changes to our operational platform, relationships or contractual arrangements. Importantly, our investment teams also remain the same, with no changes to their structure or investment approaches.

We are working closely with our partners to reflect these new names through sales platforms, communications and investment operations.

New Company Names

Our company names have been changed as follows:

Previous Name
New Name
Effective Date
BT Investment Management Limited
Pendal Group Limited
27 April 2018
BT Investment Management (Fund Services) Limited Pendal Fund Services Limited 02 May 2018
BT Investment Management (Institutional) Limited Pendal Institutional Limited 02 May 2018


New Fund Names

Our fund names have changed as follows. Please contact us if you have any questions or require further information.

Asset Class
Previous Name
New Name
Australian Fixed Interest BTA0111AU BT Government Bond Fund Pendal Government Bond Fund
BTA0505AU BT High Alpha Fixed Income Fund Pendal High Alpha Fixed Income Fund
BTA0441AU BT Pure Alpha Fixed Income Fund Pendal Pure Alpha Fixed Income Fund
RFA0100AU BT Wholesale Enhanced Credit Fund Pendal Enhanced Credit Fund
RFA0813AU BT Wholesale Fixed Interest Fund Pendal Fixed Interest Fund
BTA0318AU BT Wholesale Monthly Income Plus Fund Pendal Monthly Income Plus Fund
Australian Property RFA0817AU BT Wholesale Property Investment Fund Pendal Property Investment Fund
BTA0061AU BT Wholesale Property Securities Fund Pendal Property Securities Fund
Australian Shares RFA0064AU BT Wholesale Australian Long/Short Fund Pendal Australian Long/Short Fund
BTA0055AU BT Wholesale Australian Share Fund Pendal Australian Equity Fund
RFA0818AU BT Wholesale Core Australian Share Fund Pendal Australian Share Fund
RFA0059AU BT Wholesale Focus Australian Share Fund Pendal Focus Australian Share Fund
RFA0130AU BT Wholesale Geared Imputation Fund Pendal Geared Imputation Fund
RFA0103AU BT Wholesale Imputation Fund Pendal Imputation Fund
RFA0061AU BT Wholesale MicroCap Opportunities Fund Pendal MicroCap Opportunities Fund
BTA0313AU BT Wholesale MidCap Fund Pendal MidCap Fund
RFA0819AU BT Wholesale Smaller Companies Fund Pendal Smaller Companies Fund
Cash BTA0459AU BT Institutional Stable Cash Plus Fund Pendal Stable Cash Plus Fund
WFS0377AU BT Wholesale Enhanced Cash Plus Fund Pendal Enhanced Cash Fund
WFS0245AU BT Wholesale Managed Cash Fund Pendal Managed Cash Fund
Emerging Markets BTA0419AU BT Global Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund – Wholesale Pendal Global Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund – WS
Equity Income BTA0428AU BT Balanced Equity Income Fund Pendal Balanced Equity Income Fund
BTA0427AU BT Defensive Equity Income Fund Pendal Defensive Equity Income Fund
International Fixed Interest RFA0032AU BT Wholesale Global Fixed Interest Fund Pendal Global Fixed Interest Fund
International Property RFA0051AU BT Wholesale Global Property Securities Fund Pendal Global Property Securities Fund
International Shares BTA0503AU BT Concentrated Global Share Fund Pendal Concentrated Global Share Fund
BTA0321AU BT Dynamic Global Equity Fund Pendal Dynamic Global Equity Fund
BTA0100AU BT Wholesale American Share Fund Pendal American Share Fund
BTA0054AU BT Wholesale Asian Share Fund Pendal Asian Share Fund
RFA0821AU BT Wholesale Core Global Share Fund Pendal Core Global Share Fund
RFA0031AU BT Wholesale Core Hedged Global Share Fund Pendal Core Hedged Global Share Fund
BTA0124AU BT Wholesale European Share Fund Pendal European Share Fund
BTA0056AU BT Wholesale International Share Fund Pendal International Share Fund
BTA0130AU BT Wholesale Japanese Share Fund Pendal Japanese Share Fund
Multi-Asset RFA0815AU BT Wholesale Active Balanced Fund Pendal Active Balanced Fund
BTA0806AU BT Wholesale Balanced Returns Fund Pendal Balanced Returns Fund
BTA0805AU BT Wholesale Conservative Outlook Fund Pendal Active Conservative Fund
BTA0125AU BT Wholesale Future Goals Fund Pendal Active Growth Fund
BTA0488AU BT Wholesale High Growth Fund Pendal Active High Growth Fund
BTA0487AU BT Wholesale Moderate Fund Pendal Active Moderate Fund
Responsible Investments WFS0285AU BT Sustainable Australian Share Fund Pendal Sustainable Australian Share Fund
BTA0122AU BT Sustainable Balanced Fund Pendal Sustainable Balanced Fund
RFA0811AU BT Sustainable Conservative Fund Pendal Sustainable Conservative Fund
BTA0568AU BT Sustainable International Share Fund Pendal Sustainable International Share Fund
RFA0025AU BT Wholesale Ethical Share Fund Pendal Ethical Share Fund
  BTA0507AU BT Sustainable Australian Fixed Interest Fund Pendal Sustainable Australian Fixed Interest Fund


We have updated our fund product disclosure statements, application forms and website to reflect the Pendal name from 7 May 2018. However, it will take some time to reflect the new names in all our systems. Our direct investors may still see the BT brand and name appearing in some places, including sections of their statements.

We are also working closely with our institutional, wholesale and investment platform partners to update our new names through platforms menus, product disclosure statements, statements and communications. We expect these updates to be made over the coming months, in line with each partners’ normal process to update product information.