Corporate Governance Overview

Pendal’s commitment to exceeding industry standards means we actively maintain corporate governance policies across every aspect of our operations.

Principles of Internal Governance and Asset Stewardship

Pendal Funds Services Limited (PFSL) and Pendal Institutional Limited (PIL) have set out their organisational and investment approach, and approach to internal governance and asset stewardship in their Principles of Internal Governance and Asset Stewardship Policy in accordance with the Financial Services Council Standard No. 23: Principles of Internal Governance and Asset Stewardship.

Compliance Policies

Pendal has adopted a set of policies to promote transparency, fair dealing and the protection of stakeholder interests. For example:

  • Code of Conduct Policy which requires all employees and Directors to observe high standards of corporate and individual behaviour in the context of their employment.
  • Pendal Group Whistleblower Policy supports and encourages employees to escalate concerns of wrongdoing, without fear of reprisals or disadvantage in the workplace in the knowledge that their concerns will be taken seriously, handled appropriately and confidentially, with a proper review and with appropriate protection for the person raising the concern.
  • Pendal Managing Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy outlines measures to manage the risks associated with fraud, bribery and corruption.


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