Contributing to Our Community

The Pendal Contributing to Our Community program allows our people to enhance their understanding and compassion towards those who are disadvantaged in the community. Through the program, we aim to make a meaningful contribution to the social well-being of communities in Australia. Our community-based initiatives are designed to encourage and make it easy for our people to participate. Most importantly they allow our people to experience a sense of achievement and responsibility by making a positive difference to the lives of others. The Pendal Community Committee, comprising of employees from various divisions across the company, help to coordinate and champion community involvement and fundraising initiatives. The Committee focuses on The Wayside Chapel as its main nominated charity. We undertake a range of initiatives including:

  • Wayside Corporate Days – whereby groups of Pendal employees are involved in providing supplies and cooking lunch for local community members.
  • Christmas gift collection from our employees in support of the Wayside Chapel Christmas Day.
  • Participation in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge to raise funds for the Indigenous Marathon Project.
  • Fundraising efforts through various events including a Trivia Night held for Pendal employees.